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By dave

The Slackers have started a fundraiser for their next album at www.bigtun.es/theslackers
We got new vinyl, cds, and other rewards for ya!

Click here to hear some new music

The Slackers West Coast Tour!

By dave

Hi everyone,
so its been a little while but we are back on the west coast! First up we have 2 last minute gigs in southern california.
Tuesday, June 16 we are in Santa Ana at the Observatory. Wenesday, June 17 we are playing the Echoplex as part of the dub club vs. bluebeat lounge show. Should both be a blast!

In some sad news, our guitarrist, Agent Jay has dislocated his shoulder in a bicycling accident. Substituting for him on this west coast run will be JESSE WAGNER of the Agrolites fame. Jay should be back with us in around 6 weeks. We are hoping for a speedy recovery. In the meantime, please give Jesse some love and support for stepping up and filling some big shoes.

So back to the tour...after Santa Ana we finish out southern california in san diego and slowly work our way up, through arizona, nevada, northern california, oregon, and washington. We finish up in British Columbia at the Victoria Ska Fest! We will be playing a set of our own music and then backing up Keith & Tex as well!

So a lot to look forward to. See you out there!
The Slackers

Spring 2015 is coming and the Slackers are getting busy again!

By dave

Hi everyone,

so we hope you have been getting through the winter ok. We have been lying low for a couple months, waiting for the snow and ice to melt.

Now that spring is coming, we are getting busy again!

We have a series of tours starting with a MARCH midwest/ontario tour that starts in Pennsylvania,works its way out to Milwaukee and then goes back through Ontario.

In APRIL, we will be spending time in Texas, working our way over through New Orleans and then playing gigs upriver until we end up in Kansas!

In MAY, we will be playing the southeast; Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

In JUNE, we will be on the west coast, starting with a show at the INK and IRON festival in Long Beach!

In addition to shows, we have been working on new material for a new album of original material! Keep your eyes peeled for a fundraiser this summer and then releases to start appearing in the fall!!!

We are also working on reissues of Better Late Than Never and Upsetting Ernestos.

So thanks for all your support and hope to see you out on the road in 2015!

The 2nd Half of 2014

By dave

so we are heading into the 2nd half of 2014. Its hard to believe we are already there but the year seems to be going by quickly.

The big tunes fundraiser is all done and the rewards have gone out. We hope you enjoy your lyrics books, My Bed Is a Boat EPs, Wasted Days Double LPs, and the other items in the fundraiser. We will have a limited supply of these items for sale on tour with us.

And tour we will. We got lots of tour dates still to come in 2014.
We are looking to do around 120 shows this year and we have around 60 to go!

In late June into July we have a months worth of gigs in Europe. We got 8 festival shows and 16 club dates.

We finish out the summer with our annual booze cruises in Boston and NYC.

In September, we will play Puerto Rico for the 1st time and then head out to the Canadian midwest for 2 weeks.

In October, we will be doing 2 weeks out on the west coast all the way between San Diego and Vancouver.

In November, we are playing FEST in Gainesville and then in December, we will be finishing out the year with some east coast club dates with some special guest artists opening.

In the meantime, we are doing some recording in order to make a new releases for next year! Hopefully, the best is yet to come.

See you out there!

Happy 2014!

By dave

Thanks so much for all the support we received on tour last year and with the Big Tunes fundraiser. 2013 was a hell of a year, we got to Europe, all over the USA, Canada, Japan, and an extender tour of Europe. Including a couple places for the 1st time like Hawaii! We are gonna have to work hard to top it!

Speaking of Big Tunes, we have been busy finishing those rewards. We are currently about halfway through. We have just received the Vinyl Bed Is A Boat Eps which should be followed in around a month by the Wasted Days Double LPs. The Lyrics Book and DVD are also in the final stages of production. We are hoping to get all this stuff done and out to you in early 2014 so we can move on to new things for 2014! If you want to find out the status of your individual order drop a line to support@bigtunes.zendesk.com

Something we were able to do because of the Big Tunes support is make a proper music video for the first time in a couple years. We did it for MY BED IS A BOAT and it was directed by Mr. Sam Gursky of 'Brooklyn Rocksteady' fame. Check it out here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_Ye2U64LQI&feature=youtu.be

So what else we doing...oh yeah....we got a very active tour schedule coming up. First up, we are hitting some places that we didn't visit last year like Florida, Texas, Arizona..Missouri...and some places that we have hit in a decade like New Mexico and El Paso, Tx...and some places we never played like Kansas City, Missouri. We are trying to spread the love around and get outside our usual tour circuit.

This doesn't mean that we are forgetting our old standbys. We got 2 day stands at Churchills in Miami and a 2 day stand at the Flamingo Cantina in Austin....well, you can read the tour ittinerary as well as I can, so check it out.

After we get done with our current batch of releases, we are gonna be releasing some more new music. We have been recording with Vic Axelrod aka Ticklah at his studio in Brooklyn, so at some point, maybe towards the end of 2014, we will have some more new music being released.

Thanks so much for your support last year, let's make 2014 even better. See ya out there!

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